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The Birth of InVolve Tees Valley

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Today has been the most amazing day , today we survived redundancy and affirmed our belief that our passion in life would become our future. Today we officially became the community interest company Involve Tees Valley. We are:- Julie a passionate professional youth worker with a community background who excels at working with young people on from their starting point, from outreach/detached youth work to individual case work, Kev a creative bike mechanic, youth worker and the man with the technical know how to creative innovative projects and finally me Ginny Beech professional youth worker/advocate with a passion for promoting UN rights of the Child and ensuring all young people have access to appropriate mental health services.

After a minimum of 13 years working for the local authority as youth workers we found ourself being made redundant as part of local governments austerity measures. Childrens services are always the hardest hit, as very simply put children and young people don’t have a vote and they very rarely have people committed to fight for them so it’s much easier to wipe out a local authority youth service than it is to close an elderly residential care service.

So back to redundancy, during this process we can all reflect moments where we felt our self worth just vanishing before our eyes, the shock of the moment you know longer belong to the world you’ve given every working day too, the anger at the process and how it’s made you feel. The depression and lack of motivation at what comes next and finally the relief that the process is over. Before we were made redundant we’ve all commented on how we would have just thought - it’s just a moment in time so just get another job. Now we understand exactly what redundancy does to an individual and how those five stages of redundancy impact on your very being.

So people ask how did you survive and stay focused during this incredibly difficult time, the truth is individually at times we didn’t but as a threesome Involve Tees Valley held each other’s hand we gentle motivated each other, we listened to each other and most of all together we held our passion for youth work central to our core. This became the bones our our new venture.

So believe me when I say InVolve Tees Valley was born out of blood, sweat and tears. Our tag line is about inspiring communities and we very much are part of that community - we are now inspired to bring you a social enterprise that will embody our passion for our community


So please say hello to InVolve Tees Valley and if you like us find yourself in this position and need some motivation just call us . I’ve attached a range of organisations that helped us along our journey

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